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speaking on stage interviews with contemporary american - this book offers interviews with 27 of america s leading playwrights whose work has shaped the american theatre since 1945 the interviews are lucid witty and insightful offering entertaining reading, about the authors playwrights off the wall plays - about the authors and playwrights off the wall plays our best selling authors caitlin coxon claire linda demmer ashley nader rita anderson lois and kelly corcoran, contemporary african american women playwrights a - contemporary african american women playwrights a casebook casebooks on modern dramatists philip c kolin on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers the impressive array of scholars gathered in this collection all experts in the field read the plays with nuance and situate them deftly within their cultural and historical contexts, the united states steel hour wikipedia - the united states steel hour is an anthology series which brought hour long dramas to television from 1953 to 1963 the television series and the radio program that preceded it were both sponsored by the united states steel corporation u s steel, 1950 s tv shows mr caulley s corner - if the 1940s were the infancy of television then the 1950s were the pre teen years for years i ve been trying to remember the names of all the different tv shows i used to watch back in the 1950s, 20 words we owe to shakespeare mental floss - patronus hogwarts and dobby may not be words found in the official scrabble dictionary but they are very real to harry potter fans now there s finally a board game that lets players win points