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7th duke of edinburgh s own gurkha rifles wikipedia - the 7th gurkha rifles was a rifle regiment of the british indian army comprising gurkha soldiers of nepalese origin before being transferred to the british army following india s independence in 1947 and after 1959 designated as the 7th duke of edinburgh s own gurkha rifles, 1st gorkha rifles the malaun regiment wikipedia - 1st gorkha rifles the malaun regiment often referred to as the 1sr gorkha rifles or 1 gr in abbreviation is the seniormost gorkha infantry regiment of the indian army composed of gurkha soldiers of nepalese origin especially martial tribes of magars and gurungs it was originally formed as part of the east india company s bengal army in 1815 later adopting the title of the 1st king, news events the british army - stay up to date with british army news and events, pat donnelly antique arms - i have been active in the field of antique arms for nearly forty years buying selling trading acting as a consultant and purchaser for two national museums and appraising for estate and insurance purposes, 16 air assault brigade elite uk forces - 16 air assault brigade 16 air assault brigade 16 aa bde is britain s airborne rapid reaction force in it s role as the air assault task force aatf the brigade is an air mobile force with the capability to deploy around the world at short notice, sikhs in world war 1 sikhiwiki free sikh encyclopedia - sikhs in galipoli april december 1915 0n the 10th of april the 29th brigade was ordered to prepare to move overseas and ten days later was concentrated in port said, parachute regiment the british army - the parachute regiment the parachute regiment is the airborne infantry regiment of the british army the 1st battalion is permanently under the command of the director special forces in the special forces support group sfsg