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african american vernacular english wikipedia - african american vernacular english aave known less precisely as black vernacular black english vernacular bev black vernacular english bve or colloquially ebonics a controversial term is the variety dialect ethnolect and sociolect of english natively spoken by most working and middle class african americans and some black canadians particularly in urban communities, anovver fing about th fronting dialect blog - which phoneme sounds closest to th for l2 speakers probably depends on what language they grew up speaking i remember having an argument with a german whom i couldn t convince that x actually sounded like k to english speakers apparently they re quite different sounding to germans, doctor definition of doctor by merriam webster - c a person who has earned one of the highest academic degrees such as a phd conferred by a university most of the college s faculty members are doctors in their fields the class is being taught by doctor menzer, spread definition of spread by merriam webster - verb the newspaper was spread across his lap her notes were spread all over the desk help me spread the cloth on the table we spread fertilizer on our yard the seeds are spread by wind birds and animals the fire spread quickly through the building the cancer has spread to her throat the use of computer technology has spread into all fields of work the odor spread throughout the room, linguistic geography of pennsylvania evolution publishing - linguistic geography of pennsylvania 1999 c salvucci the above map is historically skewed in that boundaries follow the most modern studies when possible but where current information is not available the boundaries must often reflect the 1939 lamsas data, ancient macedonian language a distinct indo european - ancient macedonian language a distinct indo european language macedonia and greece two ancient and separate nations john shea 1997 pp 23 35, port manteaux word maker onelook - port manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two enter a word or two above and you ll get back a bunch of portmanteaux created by jamming together words that are conceptually related to your inputs for example enter giraffe and you ll get back words like gazellephant and gorilldebeest, tagalog about world languages - tagalog is one of the major languages of the republic of the philippines it functions as its lingua franca and de fcto national working language of the country it is used as the basis for the development of filipino the national language of the philippines a country with 181 documented languages it is spoken in central and southern luzon in manila the capital of the philippines and on, the list of each word of the year is like taking a trip - the american dialect society chose dumpster fire a metaphor suggesting a poorly handled or out of control situation as 2016 s word of the year the phrase saw a surge in popularity on social, classical languages earliest civilizations the steppe - in europe there is only one classical language common to the whole area and that is greek in a large and dominant subdivision of europe we also find latin as the classical language historically that region can be distinguished as francia it can also be called simply latin europe although some might think that this would only apply to areas with languages like french and spanish, http www great books dwld ru new html - , magic in north america part 1 ugh native appropriations - yesterday i wrote about the trailer for jk rowling s new multi part background pieces on pottermore entitled magic in north america you should read the post here if you need context even before that back in june i wrote about my concerns with the bringing of the magic universe to