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deformation quantization in nlab - idea deformation quantization is one formalization of the general idea of quantization of a classical mechanical system classical field theory to a quantum mechanical system quantum field theory deformation quantization focuses on the algebras of observables of a physical system hence on the heisenberg picture it provides rules for how to deform the commutative algebra of classical, wikipedia requested articles mathematics wikipedia - add your request in the most appropriate place below before adding a request please for existing articles on the same subject if an article exists but not at the title you expected you can create a redirect check spelling and capitalization be sure the subject meets wikipedia s inclusion criteria by convention wikipedia article titles are not capitalized except for the first letter, this page intentionally left blank stringworld ru - cambridge monographs on mathematical physics general editors p v landshoff d r nelson s weinberg s j aarseth gravitational n body simulations j ambj rn b durhuus and t jonsson quantum geometry a statistical field theory approach a m anile relativistic fluids and magneto fluids j a de azcarrage and j m izquierdo lie groups lie algebras cohomology and some applications, the mathematical society of japan - volume 58 no 1 index book review j hong and s j kang introduction to quantum groups and crystal bases grad stud math 42 reviewer 58 1 pp 102