Honda Manual Transmission Fluid Cost -

amazon com honda genuine fluid 08798 9031 manual - i bought my car 4 5 years ago and changed the tranny oil it is a civic lx with the 1 7l engine and manual transmission i have driven about 50 000 miles and decided to change the transmission oil after the axle broke, amazon com honda dw 1 automatic transmission fluid 1 - oem honda fluid works well and doesn t cause and problems in my honda ridgeilne if you are on the fence about whether or not to use honda fluid vs anything else in your honda do yourself a favor and just stick with the honda fluid, amsoil manual synchromesh transmission fluid 5w 30 - amsoil synthetic manual synchromesh transmission fluid is a premium quality synthetic lubricant designed to surpass the most demanding lubrication requirements of manual transmissions and transaxles where non extreme pressure fluids are used, transmission fluid change cost guide - modern cars usually require a specific type of transmission fluid like atf 4 or sp4 which can range in price from 8 to 20 per quart the average fluid change requires 5 to 7 quarts of fluid 50 70 a new filter 20 30 and sometimes a new pan gasket typically included in filter kits, manual transmission fluid royal purple - synchromax is a synthetic manual transmission fluid designed to increase performance and expand the life of your manual transmission using synchromax improves shifting reduces gear noise and increases power transfer to the wheels, 6 low transmission fluid symptoms to watch for - fair replacement transmission cost by vehicle find your transmission model in the table below for fair prices from reputable suppliers also fair labor cost for local installation at a local auto repair shop, transmission failure honda problems - honda has offered some owners out of warranty compensation for the transmission repairs rather than going through your local dealership it s best to contact honda customer service at 800 999 1009 and ask for a goodwill repair, the cost of manual transmission vs automatic transmission - once upon a time manual transmission vehicles were much more fuel efficient than their automatic transmission brethren buying a manual over an automatic often lead to significant cost savings and there were enough of them being sold and driven that selling and re sale value were not a problem, transmission fluid flush vs drain and car talk community - i have been negligent regarding the timeliness of replacing my transmission fluid on my 2007 honda crv have 70k miles without changing and was told by dealership that it should be drained and refilled because it was no longer pink ish in color and was brown, audi automatic transmission fluid how to change audi - how to step 12 remove the oil fill plug while the car is at an idle and add more audi automatic transmission fluid until it runs out the final steps and procedures for topping off the audi automatic transmission fluid level will vary depending on audi model and year, amsoil synthetic atv utv transmission differential fluid - amsoil synthetic atv utv transmission differential fluid amsoil synthetic atv utv transmission differential fluid is engineered to deliver upgraded performance for hard working and performance atvs and utvs its outstanding severe service formulation allows riders to confidently and safely push their machines to the limit whether tackling tough chores around their property or riding