Contemporary Security Studies -

nato s secret armies operation gladio and terrorism in - daniele ganser is a senior researcher at the center for security studies at the federal institute of technology eth in zurich switzerland he studied at basel university in switzerland at amsterdam university uva in the netherlands and at the london school of economics and political science lse in england, security studies pg certificate pg diploma msc - analyse the concepts of security studies by developing your knowledge of broader military strategic and political considerations you will gain a solid academic grounding in criminology terrorism and intelligence, acipss austrian center for intelligence propaganda - news austria during the 1950s as highway of intelligence services dieter bacher historian and researcher on the history of intelligence services in austria at the ludwig boltzmann institute for research of consequences of war and since many years also associated with acipss recently co organized together with the historical archives of the state security services of hungary abtl an, aicgs building a smarter german american partnership - when the berlin wall fell on november 9 1989 it was a surprise to many for an entire generation the berlin wall was the most iconic physical manifestation of the, political science tacoma washington edu - tpol s 123 introduction to globalization 5 i s provides an introduction to the debates over globalization focuses on the growth and intensification of global ties addresses the resulting inequalities and tensions as well as the new opportunities for cultural and political exchange topics, sarah bunin benor hebrew union college jewish - dr benor is professor of contemporary jewish studies at the los angeles campus of huc jir where she teaches masters students in the school of jewish nonprofit management and undergraduates at the university of southern california, online bachelor s degree in homeland security american - the bachelor of arts degree in homeland security offers you a comprehensive education in the basics of terrorism counterterrorism hazard management intelligence and other components of national security, george c marshall center european center for security - george c marshall center european center for security studies our mission is to create a more stable security environment by advancing democratic institutions and relationships, global studies university of illinois - the global studies major develops knowledge sets skills and values necessary for the analysis and solution of contemporary world problems the requirements of the major enrich complement and coordinate departmental offerings with the goals of, strategic studies institute ssi us army war college - our website is the source for the latest security and strategic research from the military s link to the academic community the strategic studies institute is the war college s premier landpower research center, bored of studies student online community resources - you re currently viewing our resources for legal studies for additional assistance you should refer to the discussion forum for this course